Mobile Coach-Parent Communication Tool Designed Specifically for the Needs of Competitive Youth Sports Teams
  • "I really like this product."
    Head Coach, Lehigh Township Wrestling, Pennsylvania
  • "My husband and I do enjoy using your service. You can probably tell that we use it alot. It makes it much easier and faster to get the word out to parents about changes in the schedule and other info we have to share. The parents are glad that they can access it at any time - especially since they cannot always get in touch with us."
    Coach, TRSA Soccer (New Jersey)
  • "I found the site very helpful. Should I return coaching next season, I would most likely sign up again."
    Coach, Norton Travel Basketball, Massachusetts
  • "I am really impressed by your software - great job!"
    President, Henry County Youth Soccer, Indiana
  • "MKC does the communication part so much better.....and less expensive... it rocks and you have my endorsement."
    Program Director, Wabash Valley Tumbling & Gymnastics (IN)
  • "That is great. We will re-subscribe in a few months for sure. We enjoyed using your service."
    Secretary, Red Bank F. C. United (New Jersey)
  • "I love it. MyKidsCalendar is incredible. I'm part of a 250-player football organization, and I'm going to get everyone to use it."
    Flag Commissioner, Aledo Youth Football & Cheer Association (TX)
  • "I really liked MyKidsCalendar and will recommend it to any team that my daughter is associated with. Over the past year, you have made nice changes to make it easier for the administrator and parents. The best feature I liked was when I would make a change I could send out a mass email to all parents."
    Bridge FA (North Carolina) Travel Soccer Coach
  • "We love MyKidsCalendar."
    President, Fair Oaks (California) Junior Broncos Youth Football and Cheer
  • "This is an awesome service."
    Parent, Jaguars AAU Basketball (Pennsylvania)
  • ""I just want you to know that MKC has been phenomenal for us. Just the sign-up sheets for community service has changed my life! I don't actually have a life yet, but I'm working in it with your help, thanks!""
    Head Coach, Coral Shores High School Lacrosse (FL)
  • "I loved using your site with my team this year. I would definitely use next time I am coaching."
    Coach, NW Oaks Shooting Stars Girls Soccer, California
  • "MyKidsCalendar worked out great."
    Lake Elmo Baseball (Minnesota) 13-AAA Travel Team Coach
  • "We all love this website. We had our first official practice last night and I got so many great responses from parents about your web site."
    President, Wilson Youth Wrestling (PA)
  • "Thank you again for such a fantastic service. I also can access the whole site on my iPhone, so can even add/amend things on the move, it's great!"
    Owner, Regnante School of Performing Arts, United Kingdom
  • "We are enjoying the MyKidsCalendar website...a lot of our parents are using it. I think your service is great."
    Jackson Rebels U10 (New Jersey) Travel Soccer Team Mom
  • "We used the site more for a dry run and trying to get all coach buy in. They liked it. It works well for clubs with multiple teams and we look forward to using it in the future. Thank you!"
    Team Manager, Boys 5/6 Lacrosse (Oregon)
  • "We've just found it much easier to communicate through MyKidsCalendar."
    Head Coach, Emmaus Youth Wrestling (PA)
  • "Your product is wonderful…as for functionality and services and cost, man, I really don’t think anyone can match it…clearly, you guys have thought through who your customers are and how/when they would be using the service."
    Team Manager, Meridian United Futbol (Tennessee)
  • "We really enjoyed working with My Kids Calendar! "
    Director, School of Dance & Music (CA)
  • "Great site."
    Varsity Coach, GRALA Lacrosse (Minnesota)
  • "We're back and need to sign up again. We've been a little lost without MyKidsCalendar!"
    Team Manager, Panthers Soccer (OK)
  • " has been an absolute blessing to me this season!!! I cannot tell you how much time and money it has saved me! I love the automated emails/texts, the ease of adding/deleting from the calendar, and never having to tell parents directions/times to events because they lost their note!!!! Seriously, it has made a huge difference in my life and I wanted you to know how much I LOVE IT!!"
    Cheer Director, Titan Spirit Cheer (South Dakota)
  • "I (and my teams) loved using your program."
    Coach, WASA (Ohio) Travel Soccer
  • "I am loving this program. I will be ready to start my monthly subscription this week."
    Head Coach, Tumble n’ Roll Competitive Cheer (South Carolina)
  • "I do EVERYTHING through the calendar. With technology at everyone's fingertips nowadays MyKidsCalendar is the easiest way for parents to stay in the know about their child's team!"
    Head Coach and Owner, Titan Spirit Cheer, South Dakota
  • "Thanks again for a great product."
    President, Saucon Valley Wrestling Club (PA)
  • "This has proven to be a great tool for our "blended family" it has helped keep all parents in the "know" without feeling like a personal assistant for my co-parents. Aside from already being super cool."
    Parent, Revolution Dance Center (California)
  • ""Thanks again, I am VERY happy with MyKidsCalendar!""
    Head Coach, Coral Shores High School Lacrosse (FL)
  • "We are so excited to be using MyKidsCalendar. My parents were thrilled to hear about it also. We love having all the kids activities together."
    Cheer Coach, Long Valley Competition Cheer (NJ)
  • "What a great site!"
    Team Mom, Eastchester Blue Devils Mitey Mites Hockey (New York)
  • "Hi there I have had such a great experience with my kids calendar and found it quite easy to use and an efficient way to notify parents of all of our club’s needs. Thank you for your great customer service and innovative way of keeping everybody on track!"
    Team Coordinator, 16AA Midget Hockey, California Cougars
  • "It has been a pleasure working with MyKidsCalendar"
    Team Manager, Santa Rosa United ’00 (California)
  • "MyKidsCalendar has been a great tool. Thanks!"
    Commissioner, U12-U14 Baseball, Georgetown Venom, Texas
  • "I have enjoyed using the calendar this spring. I plan on using it again in the fall"
    Team Manager, CWSC U11 & U9 Girls Soccer (OH)
  • "Tool was great and I have highly recommended it to other coaches."
    96 Girls Travel Team Manager , Cup Soccer (OH)
  • "This is a good site. i will be pitching it to a couple of my partners this evening to use for our AAU basketball teams."
    Coach, Team Pass Alliance AAU Basketball, South Carolina
  • "Love the site and have found it very useful."
    Soccer Mom, Santa Rosa United (California)
  • "I’m loving the calendar."
    Dance Company Coordinator, North Florida Dance Center
  • "My parents love it. It makes my life much easier. I have had one download the droid app and has raved about it. I am a team manager in a large youth soccer club. We also have two Development Academy teams within US soccer. I have been recommending this to the other managers since I got set up. You have a great thing here—keep up the good work."
    Team Manager, Internationals Soccer Club (Ohio)
  • "I have renewed our subscription for a 12 month period. Thanks again for your very helpful product coupled with great customer service."
    Head Coach, Saucon Valley Youth Wrestling (PA)
  • "Great concept!"
    Worthington Crew (Ohio) Juniors U16 Travel Soccer Parent
  • "I did very much like this service."
    Storm Travel Baseball (Nebraska) Parent
  • "I really enjoyed the service and was extremely valuable to my team. I do plan on renewing for next season."
    Team Manager, CCF Pee Wee Razorbacks Football (Arizona)
  • "I loved using MyKidsCalendar and have recommended it to my successors."
    Coach, Kingswood Raptors U10 and U12 Baseball (NE)
  • "I just wanted to say KIDS CALENDAR is such a great tool for my business, thank you! My dance School continues to grow and it allows me to keep in touch with ALL the parents at the click of a button, I don't know how I'd manage without it!"
    Owner, Regnante School of Performing Arts (United Kingdom)
  • "I loved using It was extremely helpful for managing 4 different teams. We will definitely use this website again"
    Team Manager, Panthers Soccer (OK)
  • "Thank you for 3 years of wonderful service. My coaching career has now concluded with my son going to high school. I will refer your service to others."
    Game Day Director, Cave Creek Football (AZ)
  • "Love this tool."
    Team Mom, New Albany Eagles Travel Baseball (Ohio)
  • "Just wanted to let you know that MKC has been invaluable to our organization and will continue to use the service in the future."
    Coach, Storm Travel Baseball (Nebraska)
  • "We just made it official and purchased a subscription to MyKidsCalendar. So far great responses from the parents."
    Coach, Saucon Valley Youth Wrestling, Pennsylvania
  • "We are loving MyKidsCalendar so far and have gotten some great feedback from parents. It’s making my job as dance company coordinator so much easier no more phone calls and chasing parents down in the parking lot LOL."
    Dance Coordinator, North Florida Dance School (Fla)
  • "This is an amazing tool...thank you so much."
    Cheer Coach, Raiders PeeWee Team (NJ)
  • "We have recommended you to other teams, you have a great product."
    Coach, Bartlesville Wrestling Club (Oklahoma)
  • "I loved the system."
    Coach, DSYS Eagles Wrestling (Virginia)
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed the calendar and setting up dates and notes. You guys did an awesome job. You guys are great. You make my life easier. Now if just babysat."
    Marion Lightning (Indiana) U12B Travel Soccer Team Manager
  • "I loved the MyKidsCalendar system."
    Team Manager, Santa Rosa United Soccer Club (CA)
  • "I have enjoyed this service and will let the next manager know about website."
    Team Manager, U12 VA Rush Thunder (VA)
  • "Our season has ended and I really enjoyed using your product – what a huge time saver. I'll definitely be back in the spring!"
    Team Manager, U10 and U14 Dodgeville Soccer, Wisconsin
  • "It was so easy for me I have gotten most of our teams to start using MyKidsCalendar."
    Coach, Santa Rosa United Soccer (CA)
  • "Thank you and i have to say i loved your product."
    Coach, Petaluma United, California
  • "Overall, very satisfied with the website and what it has to offer."
    Team Manager, OCHC Bantam Ice Hockey (California)
  • "It was extremely easy to use. I liked being able to log on as a parent and add my other child's events to the calendar."
    Administrative Coordinator, Lower Makefield Youth Football (Pennsylvania)
  • "...thank you for providing such a great tool for teams to work with."
    Team Administrator, Warren Bulldogs (Indiana) Travel Baseball Team
  • "I love your calendar and will be joining up soon for the season."
    Webmaster, California Cougars Bantam Youth Hockey Team (CA)
  • "Excellent product and service."
    Head Coach, Mansfield Tarheels AAU Basketball (Texas)
  • "I have used this website in the past when I was the manager of my son's team. I loved it and still love it."
    Team Mom, U12 Virginia Rush Thunder
  • "I am loving MyKidsCalendar."
    Company Program Director, Utah Dance Artists
  • "MKC allows me to set up any groups I want - I can have all coaches, all cheer coaches, all football, etc... I did see the Droid app and love it - thank you! I want to thank you for all of your help and support and I personally love the tool because it does make maintenance, etc. so much easier!"
    Board Member, EWG Football & Cheer (Rhode Island)
  • "The service has been great and I am certainly passing the word to other coaches."
    Coach, Pioneer Jets Soccer Club, Illinois
  • ""I'm a coach with FC Frederick and I use MKC for the 2 teams I coach I used your site last season and it worked great .""
    Coach, Frederick FC Soccer (MD)
  • "I am a big fan of your site. Thank You!"
    Coach, Admirals U16 Hockey (New Jersey)
  • "I will be back next year when the season starts up. I enjoyed the website, it has helped me stay organized and kept my parents informed."
    Team Manager, Marietta Youth Football, GA
  • "I love the {MyKidsCalendar} system."
    Coach, Vienna Vipers U-16B Soccer Team (Virginia)
  • "I was very pleased with the service MyKidsCalendar provided."
    Head Coach, Storm Travel Baseball (Nebraska)
  • "I have to tell you, what a great idea! I am the Team Manager of our Travel Hockey team and now I feel I will not have to continuously send reminder emails. Why didn't I come up with an idea like this..."
    Team Manager, Florida Junior Panthers Youth Hockey Team
  • "The changes to the MyKidsCalendar are great!"
    Head Coach, Saucon Valley Youth Wrestling (PA)
  • "I just looked over your website. Great tool. This is something that has been needed for years."
    Head Coach, Garden State Knights (New Jersey) Travel Baseball Club
  • "We have disolved our soccer company, but I want to thank you for the great service MyKidsCalendar provided for me and our families. In the future, if I ever am in the need for this type of communication and scheduling program I will use you."
    Board Member and U9 Girls SX Dynamos Coach, Soccer Xperience (NJ)
  • "This is a great program. See you next year."
    Coach, River Cities Captains Travel Baseball, Louisiana
The perfect solution for Travel Team Coaches/Managers: One easy online tool that quickly and reliably communicates with parents for you, letting you concentrate on coaching! With MyKidsCalendar, quickly organize and unlimited number of teams/players, and set the schedules for all games, practices and special events (with locations and directions). Parents join for free, and everything is sent to them automatically on your behalf. Even make changes and last minute updates at any time, from any on-line device... and MyKidsCalendar alerts parents for you! Learn More
  • Coaches pay as little as $5 per month, just for the months they use the tool.
  • Free iPhone and Droid apps for parents
  • No limit on the number of teams you can manage under one subscription
  • Send team specific emails and texts and track which parents have opened emails
  • Integrated sign-up sheets for concessions, half-time snacks, etc
  • Track and compile Parent Attendance feedback and other survey questions you generate
  • Sell the ad space at the bottom of MyKidsCalendar emails to generate revenue for your team
  • Post documents/forms for parents to easily access from any online device without the help of a webmaster.